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Are you like me and need sex?

I need sex and I don’t know where to find it. I’ve looked online and I’ve tried the bars, speed dating, and even the phone numbers you call late at night. Nothing has been successful. I’m not a complete loser and I’m not the most unattractive person but I just have a really hard time talking to girls and need some help. I created this site so that people can share their experiences since I’m sure I’m not alone. Everyone needs sex and I know the right girl(s) is out there but sometimes it feels impossible to know where to start.

A little bit about Why I need sex so bad…

While growing up, I was always the smallest kid in class. I was the “runt of the litter” and honestly never had enough confidence to even approach a girl, let alone sate or kiss a girl. Like most kids, I was also awkward. The combination of awkward and small didn’t exactly give me a head start when it came to the ladies.

By the time I entered High School, I had already accepted the fact that girls just weren’t going to like me. It wasn’t something I sat and cried about, but I had just become so accustomed to girls not noticing me that I thought I could just keep admiring girls from a distance and not worry about talking to them. This strategy has proven to be fatal to my long-term love life. While my friends had their first kisses at 11 or 12 while they were at camp, I didn’t even have my first kiss until my freshman year of College. My college roommate was out meeting older ladies every night. He called himself a Milfaholic.  It wasn’t like other first kisses where you meet a girl, flirt, fall in love and then there’s a magical moment. No, this was me running into a drunk girl at a house party that thought I looked like McGlovin from Superbad and thought that was enough to make out with me. I didn’t even know her name. In fact, I probably shouldn’t even count that as my first kiss.

So far College has been hard. Now it feels like everyone is having sex but me. I don’t know where to start and I’m worried that if I don’t start meeting girls soon, my need for sex will cause me to do increasingly stupid things to grab the attention of girls. Maybe I need to start drinking until I almost puke, or maybe I need to join a frat. I don’t know, but I need sex soon before I go crazy. Can anyone help to steer me in the right direction?

“Listen Kid, you are too worried about it. That’s the problem right there. All you really need is some confidence. That confidence will come when you become comfortable with yourself. You just sound like a late bloomer, hang in there. You’ll be fine, just don’t do anything stupid like you mentioned.”   – Gary

“You had your first kiss as in college and you’re still a virgin? Yeah dude, you might want to go to vegas and check out the bunny ranch or something”

– Stephen

“I was like you. 5 foot nothing, 100 and nothing pounds. I didn’t actually have my first kiss until my last year of college. That woman is now my wife and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s the thing… You may be envious of all those other college kids having sex right now, but someday they’ll have kids to answer to. You will be able to tell you kids about how you stayed celibate for so long.”

– John